Levelized Billing

Please complete this form to apply for Levelized billing with Sumter EMC.

Please note there are a few requirements to qualify for this billing service:
  1. Levelized billing is available only for residential accounts.
  2. The account must have been active for at least 12 months.
  3. The account must have and maintain a good payment record.
  4. The member must sign and submit this agreement for review before placement on the Levelized Billing Plan.
Member Name


We average the cost of energy and security lights (if applicable) over the past 12 months, including your current bill (rolling average), add current actual tax and miscellaneous charges, and then round to the nearest whole dollar. 


I understand that if my account appears on the collect or cut off list, is disconnected for non-payment, or has a returned check, it will be removed from the Levelized Billing Plan.

In addition, if my payment is made late or if I pay less than the amount due, I understand I will automatically be removed from the Levelized Billing Plan.
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