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The Ellaville Police Department received a $5,000.00 grant to purchase a K9 police dog. K9 police dogs provide law enforcement with extra assistance in apprehending violent criminals. Still, they are also used to locate missing children, elderly adults with Dementia or Alzheimer's, and citizens with other medical issues. They also help detect and find illegal drugs and narcotics during traffic stops and search warrants. All these examples aid in keeping our communities safe.

One of the principles cooperatives like Sumter EMC govern themselves by is Concern for Community. We show concern for the communities we serve by awarding grants such as this to organizations that relentlessly work to support local citizens. Communities work together for the common benefit of everyone. "Law enforcement officials need support to help protect the citizens in our community," said Andrea Walker, Chairman of Sumter EMC Foundation. "Sumter EMC is proud to contribute to the safety of all citizens in our community and surrounding area through projects of this nature."