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Right of Way Maintenance

Tree limbs falling on electric power lines are the number one cause of power outages. Sumter EMC's top priority is to provide you with reliable, affordable, uninterrupted electric power. The power line right-of-way extends 20 feet from either side of the lines. Help reduce the number of power outages in your neighborhood by planting trees and shrubs far enough beyond the 20-foot minimum to allow them to grow to maturity without obstructing the power line right-of-way. When we cannot avoid cutting and trimming mature trees and shrubs, we sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support of our efforts to maintain a safe, clear power line right-of-way.

For additional information, please read Tree and Utlity Conflicts to learn more about the process of selecting the appropriate type of trees for your property.

Contact Wendell Nealey at 800-342-6978 or our Customer Service Department at if you (or a contractor) will be removing trees in close proximity to power lines. Sumter EMC will provide assistance if necessary to prevent damage to power facilities and possible safety hazards associated with tree removal along the power line right-of-way.

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