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Prepay Electric Service

Sumter EMC’s innovative Prepay Electric Service program for residential accounts* allows you to take charge of your electric bills! Unlike traditional post-pay accounts, Prepay accounts allow you to pay for your electricity before you use it.  This approach gives you more flexibility and control over the use of electricity. Here are some of the advantages of Prepay Electric Service:

  • No more end-of-the-month billing surprises that can occur due to hot weather, cold weather, or malfunctions in your heating/cooling system or electrical equipment
  • ​Daily notifications of energy usage and electricity costs will allow you to better monitor your energy usage and budget for electricity costs
  • If energy usage increases significantly, daily reporting of energy usage will give you timely notice to take corrective action instead of finding out at the end of the month
  • Payments can be made monthly, weekly, or more often – you control the payment schedule
  • Any existing deposit amount will be put to work for you immediately as a credit to the Prepay account balance (if converting an existing account to Prepay)
  • Additional deposits and reconnect fees are not applicable to Prepay accounts
  • If your Prepay service is disconnected, you will be reconnected automatically when a payment is made and applied to the account that raises the credit balance above $20
  • Credit card and e-check payment options are available to you all day, every day
  • Prepay account payments can be made 
  • At all three Sumter EMC offices during normal business hours
  • By telephone
  • On Sumter EMC’s online portal
  • Using Sumter EMC’s smartphone application
  • Payment methods include: 
  • Cash at one of the three Sumter EMC offices during normal business hours
  • E-check payments which are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone, on Sumter EMC’s online portal, or by Sumter EMC’s smartphone application.
  • Credit card payments which are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone, on Sumter EMC’s online portal, or by Sumter EMC’s smartphone application
  • Credit card payments can be made using either a standard credit card or with prepaid credit cards available at many local stores
  • Note that Prepay account payments cannot be made to Sumter EMC’s collection agents
  • If you already have a conventional post-pay residential account, switching to Prepay and using the available debt management feature provides a way to spread your pre-existing balance due over an extended period of time:
    • 25% of all Prepay account payments are applied to any pre-existing delinquent balance 
    • 75% of all Prepay account payments are applied towards future energy usage.
  • Daily usage and Prepay account balance can be checked by you in person at one of our three offices, by telephone, on Sumter EMC’s online portal, or with Sumter EMC’s smartphone application 
  • Automatic alerts and notifications are sent:
    • Every day to provide an updated account balance and daily energy usage
    • When the credit balance falls a lower limit (determined by you) to provide an opportunity to make a payment and avoid automatic disconnection
    • When payments are made
    • When electric service is disconnected/reconnected
  • Account alerts and notifications can be customized through Sumter EMC’s online portal 

If you want additional information on Prepay Electric Service, click here, or contact one of Sumter EMC’s Customer Service Representatives at 229-924-8041 or 1-800-342-6978.

If you are ready to sign up for Prepay, complete the attached application and bring it to one of Sumter EMC’s offices to sign up:

Office Locations

*Note that Prepay Electric Service is not available to a limited number of residential electric accounts – Prepay is only available for residential accounts with a 200-Amp, single-phase, 120/240 Volt service and for which administration of the cooperative’s rate schedules does not require measuring peak energy demand. In addition, Life Support and Medical Alert accounts are not eligible for Prepay service.

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